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How to develop personal skills?

In this article we will talk about personal skills: we will remind what it is, where to get them and how to develop them in the modern world of technology. Describe the 4 most important skills and resources to work on.

Personal skills soft skills – A set of non-specialized, super-professional skills that are responsible for successful participation in the work process, high productivity and not related to a specific area.
This concept appeared in the ’60s in the US military. Eventually, the term moved to ordinary life and became an integral part of development. If you want to reach heights, work on personal skills.
There are many lists with many skills that are necessary for everyone, and we focused on 4 main ones:

Картинки по запросу "Positive relationships"

Positive relationships

This means that you need to bring together people with whom you can share your knowledge and learn something new.
You can stick to a short plan to meet new people grew into a long conversation, and did not remain in the memory of a short conversation with strangers at the next event.
– Choose those Who do you want to meet the most?
– Start a conversation;
– Share contacts and within 24 hours received messages in the style of “It was nice to chat at the event (specify which). I hope we will continue our conversation (be sure to clarify what you talked about so that you will be remembered) ”
– Call or sleep with that person and continue the previously started conversation. This way you will not lose touch with the cool person and add him to your circle of friends.

Focus on team play

Do you think “And one warrior in the field”? You may need support to work effectively and achieve your goals.
In a team You learn:
– Leadership just as it seems);
– Responsibility for your actions (which can both help and harm the goals of your teamwork);
– Problem-solving (unfortunately, no way without them);
– Critical thinking you need to approach the problem from the other side to solve it quickly);
– Interaction with others (teamwork is a duty. You are an integral part process, so just forget about the case or score on it – not a way out. You need to trust, delegate and adhere to obligations);

Conclusions from successes and failures

Every turn in life does not happen just like that, you need to draw conclusions from everything. Is there a high five for the exam? Remember how much time and effort it took. Failed interview? You gain experience in how not to behave in front of the employer, what mistakes were made when creating a CV.
Collect details from:
– Success. Answer the questions: How was the victory, how much effort was spent on it and assess the complexity of the achieved goal;
– Failures, analyze them, focus on the problems, why they happened and try to avoid them next time.

Картинки по запросу "Positive relationships"

Communication Development

If the first paragraph was more about the development of the circle of communication (networking) and ways to increase it, this is about communication itself. The process of transmitting and receiving messages, which involves the exchange of information between participants.
– Interlocutor (find common ground by asking a few questions to later continue communicating with the person for a week or a month);
– Manner of communication (gestures) , facial expressions, tone of communication, word-parasites, behavior);
– Self-presentation
Branches Davis wrote: ” Your presentation style is the key to gaining human recognition.”
( Practice public speaking ah to better understand the person you’re talking to)

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