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Submitting a resume is a matter that does not require direct face-to-face communication with the employer. Instead, the interview is a completely different test phase, the successful completion of which guarantees the desired job. With these few important tips, you will definitely be able to claim the title of “best candidate of the year”, and a nice bonus will be positive feedback from the employer and the words “You are exactly the employee we need.”

“Dear candidate, our company has reviewed your resume. We invite you to the interview, which will take place at…. But the high spirits do not last long. And a number of questions are already popping up in my head: “What if they don’t like me? And what is better to wear? And suddenly I will be too silent, or vice versa? And in general, how best to behave? And most importantly – “And what questions will they ask?” Whether you are a newcomer with no work experience, or a person for whom the interview is familiar, the state of anxiety captures everyone.

Картинки по запросу "work experts"

So, let’s take a step back – back to your resume.

Thanks to it, employers get acquainted with their potential employees in absentia. This is your business card. The person who is going to conduct the interview will focus on the data that you provided in the resume. Therefore, immediately say “no” to deception, exaggeration, appropriation of another’s glory. For example, if you indicate a certain level of foreign language proficiency, be prepared that you may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge. The practice of two (or even more) language interviews is common. To avoid having to blush in front of the employer, immediately provide the information that will be true.

Punctuality is a trait of a successful person.

It has been proven that more than 80% of the world’s population consider this human trait to be the best. Therefore, it is advisable to come to the specified address no later than 20 minutes before the interview. In addition, if you are late for the first meeting, the employer may conclude that you are an irresponsible, reckless person. However, life is full of various force majeure situations. Therefore, if you really have a good reason, call immediately and clearly inform about the possible delay (just in no case do not use phrases like “I’m in a traffic jam, I’ll be soon”).

One of the first questions you will hear will be “What do you know about our vacancy?”

Therefore, it is important to get acquainted with the company for which you are applying. You need to do a kind of exploratory research – to find and thoroughly study all the necessary information about the future place of work. This will show interest and awareness – and a few more benefits from the employer.

Remember that first impressions are created in 5-10 seconds from the beginning, and it is very difficult to influence them later.

Therefore, appearance is responsible for 70% of successful results. In English, there is an expression “dress smartly” – to dress smartly. That is, it means that your clothes must fully correspond to the specified event. We are gradually experiencing times when it was necessary to wear only a suit for the interview (as if the way to the heart of the employer lies through the suit). However, today this is not the only possible option. The main thing is that the image was as restrained as possible. Therefore, sequins, bright colors, deep neckline, the trend of recent years, “torn jeans”, etc. – We leave for fashion parties.

Try not to avoid eye contact during the conversation.

When a person constantly looks away during a conversation – it indicates that he is uncomfortable, he wants to end the conversation as soon as possible. An employer can immediately describe you as an insecure person. That’s why we leave all our nerves behind the door, and we go forward only with confidence.

Картинки по запросу "work experts"

Be sure to watch how and what you say.

Intonation, timbre, the tempo of speech – all play an important role. If you talk calmly, not fast enough, but not as slowly as the sloth from the cartoon “Zootropolis”, the employer will not constantly look at his watch and think: “When will this conversation end?”. Keep your speech clean. It’s no secret that most people do not even pay attention to the daily use of language parasites – “type”, “eee”, “well”, “damn”, “yes”, etc. However, if during a conversation with friends it does not pose a great threat, then during the interview the situation changes completely. A candidate who adheres to the purity of speech is able to clearly articulate their opinions, express them without error, has more advantages in obtaining the desired position.

Finally, all these tips will not help if you do not set yourself up for a positive result. A sincere smile should become an integral attribute. So we took a good mood, removed the experience and tuned in to a quiet conversation. Leave the panic somewhere behind, along with doubt and insecurity.

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