NOT simple decisions in a student’s life: how to deal with them

“Life is a theater, and the people in it are actors,” Shakespeare once wrote, and the thought is still relevant today. University studies, internships, personal development – make you adjust to the test. Of course, in the end, everyone is waiting for a happy ending.

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If you look at your acting in a play called “Education”, you can see the following development:

Step 1:
You go to university and think about where to apply: where you or your parents want.

Step 2:
You think about part-time work, internships and start writing a resume.

Step 3:
You want to submit a resume for a class vacancy, but you are hesitant whether you will suffer from this training.

The development plan is usually as follows: The hero weighs all the pros and cons and makes difficult choices.

Why does the hero make difficult decisions? What motivates him to do this? How to start solving problems yourself, rather than collecting them? Let’s understand.

To avoid pitfalls with choosing the optimal solution – look at the situation from different angles. Understand that the decision made in anger does not always lead to a good result.
Here are 5 life hacks to help you reduce decision uncertainty.

1 Assess the situation.

First, weigh the risks of not making a decision. Secondly, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of these situations. Go through the different scenarios to see the new features or disadvantages of your chosen solution.

2 Quick case.

Test your assumptions. Ask yourself: “Can I make two options”, “What options are still available”
For example: Do you want to move to another city, think about whether you can You transfer to a local university for the same specialty, settle in a dormitory, find a good part-time job.

3 Another point of view

Think about the way of life. You can ask the opinion of friends and listen to their advice. These thoughts will help you to supplement your own ideas.

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4 Test in practice

Many people want to get the maximum result at the lowest cost. To find the best way, you need to try something, analyze the result and draw a conclusion. That way you will know in which direction to develop.

5 Step forward

Break a complex solution into small steps. This will reduce the possibility of making a mistake and quickly fix everything without going back in time.
For example: If you still go to another city, call several local universities, ask what specialties you can transfer to and what is needed for this.
Life is a game, learning is a performance of several actions. Become a screenwriter of your role, because everything depends only on you.

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