Where does motivation live?

You read an article with a short summary, in which you will learn where your motivation lives, why to control it and how to use it properly.

Where does the motivation and energy to do something come from?

Motivation arises on a subconscious level and originates in the brain. In order to set priorities and do something later, it is necessary to divide urgent matters. For example, you have a passion to climb Hoverla while you do not do an essay, because “I have no motivation.”

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Why does this happen?

  • I – consciousness that is formed throughout life;
  • It is a selfish consciousness that we have inherited from animals;
  • Above the “I” is the consciousness that allowed us to become individualists from a group of people.

Do only commanders have the motivation?

Who are commanders and how do they relate to motivation? Now we will put everything on the shelf.

  • Commander – is responsible for the active part of the mental system. We get it from childhood. For example: read a page of a book and get candy.
    This type has a desire for selfishness, which turns everything into stress. Despite these negative traits, it is in this type that motivation arises. Our selfishness leads to new things, tasks, skills, challenges (which we can complete to enjoy the result and additional motivation). An achieved goal increases the desire, motivation to do something else.
  • Subordinate is a type that blocks motivation. You seemed to want to do something, but something whispered in your ear, “Don’t do this? Why?”.
    For example, you want to apply for a cool vacancy, write a resume because this is the dream company, but as a result, you do not send your resume.
    Why so? These are all indoor units. You yourself on a subconscious level put prohibitions that are difficult (but real) to overcome. There is one effective way out – to do contrary to yourself. No matter how hard it is for you at first, it will lead to the desired result – the fears will disappear.

Ways to find motivation

First of all, you should try to stay calm. For example, meditation. Why do people really like to walk in the mountains, be in nature or watch the water? It relaxes us morally.

There are many techniques to come to your senses and not hide my true motivation.

Technique # 1 Imagine all events from a height of 100 meters. You are just watching the situation. This way you will evaluate the whole case, not just a specific part, you will be able to understand the essence of the problem and solve it.

Картинки по запросу "motivation"

Technique 2 “100 questions”. Take a piece of paper and a pen. Set a timer for 5 minutes and try to write 100 questions incessantly. Don’t think about them. Write all the questions, even: “Why does a spider have 8 legs”, “Even sockets in buildings”. When you write and reread 100 questions, you will be able to identify about 10 main topics that concern you, because they will be repeated in the questions. Repeat this task once every 2 weeks for 2 months. You will track your true experiences and understand what to work on.

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